Survey offers nurses the ability to detail care improvements

In assisted living facilities, nurses are often a common sight for older Americans in between visits from loved ones, so it may not be surprising that one company is asking for their opinion on how to improve care for senior citizens.

Vigilan makes software for assisted living facilities and care providers for those in independent living situations, and made both a website and phone number available for nurses to contact and participate in a survey that is confidential and provides opportunities for participants to earn prizes like a weekend getaway.

"We hear some great ideas from nurses about how to improve things," said Doug Fullaway, Vigilan president.

Survey offers nurses the ability to detail care improvements "They have ideas for better training methods, new ways to deliver care, changes to regulations and ways to make the job of being a nurse better."

The company hopes that the results of its survey, which are part of National Nurse Week from May 6-12, will offer new possibilities for improving care and technology in dementia care, assisted living facilities and home care for the senior citizens whom they help.

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