Administration on Aging: May is Older Americans Month

Now in its 46th year, Older Americans Month both honors and promotes senior citizens by bringing additional focus to helping older people live healthier lives, as embodied by this year's theme Living Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Now sponsored by the U.S. Administration on Aging and its National Aging Services network, the program is geared towards changing lifestyle habits that could enable seniors to live lo

Administration on Aging: May is Older Americans Month nger; the Census already estimates that one-fifth of Americans in 2030 will be over age 65.

Teaching proper nutrition, exercise while demonstrating the benefits of reducing habits like excessive drinking is a goal of the USAA, which says that most older adults could benefit from better nutrition in reducing the risk for some chronic diseases.

They also want to provide easier access to health care resources and other support services to improve quality of life for older Americans.

Since the physical benefits may not be appreciated without a good mental outlook, the USAA also promotes community service to keep older people out and about and interacting with all generations, a move they says improves mental health by leading to lower rates of depression and mortality.

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