Older people not achieving fruit, vegetable guidelines

Pushing peas around one's plate to avoid eating them, or other less appreciated vegetables, is not just a habit in children finds a study that says fruit and vegetable consumption is lacking for retirement living populations.

Queens University Belfast researchers say that a study conducted points to lower consumption

Older people not achieving fruit, vegetable guidelines by older people in Northern Ireland.

Although their intake of four servings per day actually outpaced that of the average adult, the scientists said that more than one-fifth of the older people surveyed were unaware of new government guidelines recommending five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The lack of knowledge was a particular issue, according to Dr Katherine Appleton and her cohorts, because uninformed seniors who ate less than half of what was recommended still thought they were "eating enough."

Citing specific demographics, such as males and those living in affluent areas, the study authors say that further education about both the benefits of more nutritious eating as well as what food products or dishes can help to round out consumption recommendations.

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