Seniors'heart health may be linked to glucose levels

Older people who have elevated glucose levels after meals may consider asking for prevention methods for heart disease when they live at an assisted living facility, because the diabetes precursor may lead to an elevated risk for heart disease.

Researchers at Yeshiva University followed participants who ate a high

Seniors' heart health may be linked to glucose levels carbohydrate meal, some of whom had no blood sugar problems while others had post-challenge hyperglycemia which shows up as a spike in blood sugar following meals.

The authors say that treatments for these at-risk individuals may also include cardiovascular disease prevention, such as statins and aspirin, in addition to therapies to reduce blood sugar.

"In most cases, this mild form of high blood glucose causes no symptoms and is often overlooked by both doctors and patients, but studies have shown that it may be associated with increased risk of heart disease," said lead author Dr Jill Crandall.

The study notes that almost 37 million Americans over the age of 65 have diabetes, but another seven to 11 million may have this impaired glucose tolerance, and recommends that seniors be tested with the oral glucose tolerance test to gauge their risk.

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