Flint woman's quilts warm hundreds of grateful recipients

One woman in Michigan with the help of her friends at an independent living complex keeps her hands working until she finishes her quilt. Now that she's made more than 1,000 and donated them to area centers in need, Clarice Norton told the Flint Journal, "There's no end to it, but I enjoy it."

The 86-year-old from Michigan has a glut of excess material that she's accumulated over the four years she's been quilting for fellow church members, friends and people who need them.

Flint woman's quilts warm hundreds of grateful recipients According to the article, since it only takes five hours for her to finish the next one, Norton gets through a couple each week.

She doesn't get to see the looks on the faces of recipients, but relies on thank you notes that come back from friends of hers at Kearsley Manor who deliver the package to know how grateful people are to receive her work, states the Journal. That includes family members of those at the Manor, who get one of every 10 pieces she makes.

Although unemployment may be up, Norton says she has no plans to retire from her vocation, telling the news provider that someone else will have to make use of the scraps of fabric she uses, "when I leave."

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