'Knox boxes'may help seniors during an emergency

A new tool for first responders may allow them to help senior citizens who are in independent living situations by providing quicker access to their homes.

Senior citizens in Western Arizona will soon be able to obtain one of 50 "knox boxes" from their local fire department, according to the Kingman Da

'Knox boxes' may help seniors during an emergency ily Miner.

The devices, which act similarly to lock boxes used by realtors, may be used by fire department, EMS or other first responders to reduce the time to access those in need.

Most prevalent in Arizona, the home of manufacturer Knox-box, the systems have also been provided to seniors in Michigan, and are used by companies as far east as New Jersey.

The decrease in response time was noted by the Trenton Times, as firefighters were able to enter a restaurant and assess the scene just seven minutes after the original fire alarm activation, because of the knox box.

The US fire administration writes that standard operating procedure for first responders should look for lock and/or knox boxes, which may reduce the time spent in gaining access to a home during an emergency.

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