Dementia advocate visits Barchester home

Known for his character's diligence in the "Inspector Morse" series, Kevin Whately recently visited one of Barchester's "Memory Lane" communities designed to help those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, which is linked to the deaths of one in three over the age of 65 in the UK.

He visited H

Dementia advocate visits Barchester home ilton Park Centre in Bottisham Cambridge, to observe the communities, which are designed to support life-skills and promote self-sufficiency in a guided atmosphere, according to Barchester, by incorporating activities and devices that may aid memory retention.

Drawn to the cause because of his mother Mary, who resides in a care home because of dementia, Whately says that he "feels passionately" about raising awareness of the disease to "get the right treatments and care."

Hypnotherapy may also reduce symptoms of dementia, according to a study at the University of Liverpool that found it may be more effective than group therapy and other traditional care methods.

According to the Alzheimer's society, there are currently 700,000 people with dementia, a disease which leads to the death of 60,000 each year.

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