More boomers embracing brain fitness

The brain fitness industry is apparently one area of the economy that doesn't seem to notice the country is in a recession.

Since 2007, when the market reportedly had sales of more than $225 million, the industry has been growing at more than 50 percent a year.

"Just five years ago, brain fitness was a little known concept," said Jeff Zimman, founder of Posit Science, a provider of computerized brain exercises.

More boomers embracing brain fitness "But with leading edge baby boomers advancing in age to their mid-60s, it has become a national phenomenon."

Zimman said the national awareness of brain fitness spiked last year with more than 1,300 articles written about it in "major news publications."

One of the reasons for the heightened awareness may be because of studies showing that stimulating one's brain can help older people avoid cognitive decline, which can eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease.

Recently, a study examining the effects of stimulating the brain and cognitive function also found that seniors who used computerized puzzles would more likely have a positive mood when compared to people who didn't do the puzzles.

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