Telephone'grandparent scam'spreading

Another state has warned its senior citizens about a telephone scam where criminals pose as the recipient's grandchild in an attempt to steal money.

The scam, known as the Grandparent Scam or Emergency Scam, has been popping up in various states including California and Massachusetts.

The latest warning comes from Texas with the criminal calling a senior and opening the conversation with "Hi grand

Telephone 'grandparent scam' spreading ma" or "Hey, it's your favorite grandson," reports.

After that, the caller attempts to convince the potential victim that they have been in an accident, arrested or stranded somewhere and in desperate need of money.

The criminal then tells the grandparent not to tell anyone and to wire them the money as soon as possible, according to the article.

Law enforcement and home safety advocates have recommended seniors take heed when answering the phone and should be wary of callers who say they are from Canada or a foreign location, have unfamiliar voices and pressure into adhering to their demands.

One possible way to take control of the call is to ask the person his or her name, states

Police have stated seniors should hang up and call the local authorities.

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