Instead of a gym, go online

Who needs to pay for a monthly gym membership when a person can get all the training they want for free online?

Health conscious senior citizens who are always interested in learning new stretches or cardio workouts have a vast treasure trove of online workouts available on the internet, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Gregory Florez, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, told the news

Instead of a gym, go online provider these types of online resources are ideal because they are available at any time of day.

"Not only are these [free] workouts fresh, they can give you new ideas, and they're available to the person just getting started," Florez said.

However, the newspaper warned that simply Googling "free online workshops" will not do the trick and instead suggested SparkPeople and Exercise TV for seniors who are comfortable going online.

Both sites offer advice and tips on certain diets and exercises covering various levels of athleticism.

Research has shown seniors who adhere to a regular exercise schedule increase their general health and may be able to keep certain conditions, such as heart disease, at bay.

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