Specialized heart doctors to emerge

In order to meet the rising needs of heart failure patients, a new subspecialty has been established to provide senior citizens with more cost-effective and advanced treatment.

The medical subspecialty is called Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology and was approved late last year by the Heart Failure Society of America. The first cardiologists in this specialty will be certified in 2010.

HFSA stated the new specialty was needed because of "the rapid progress in treatment options for patients with heart failure, such as heart transplantation and ventricular assist devices, SeniorJournal.com reports.

"As a result, a subspecialty has arisen de facto, with more than 40 cardiology programs in the United States providing training in the area of advanced heart failure and a growing number of individual cardiologists offering a varying spectrum of expertise," Dr.

Specialized heart doctors to emerge Marvin A. Konstam of Tufts Medical Center told the news provider.

The new cardiologists will consult with patients with worsening heart failure and for those who need more advanced care. They will also be involved in specialized services such as transplant centers and heart failure clinics.

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