Doctor develops red wine pill

Senior citizens may have an alternative to drinking red wine as a way to improve their memory.

A Harvard Medical School doctor has developed a concentrated form of resveratrol, the nutrient found in the skin of red grapes as well as in red wine. Past research has suggested resveratrol may have a positive effect on people suffering from cognitive decline.

Through experiments with mice, Dr. David Sinclair was able to show how his pill, when eaten with a diet high in fat, may prevent serious health conditions such as diabetes.

Mice that were given the pill lived as long as those who were on a regular healthy diet.

Doctor develops red wine pill The control group, which ate a diet where 60 percent of the calories came from fat, developed signs of diabetes and died sooner than the mice on the pill.

The doctor also found the mice on the resveratrol ran twice as far at a lower heart rate, comparable to a trained athlete.

While there may be those who enjoy an occasional glass of Pinot Noir, Sinclair said the amount of resveratrol in his pill is equivalent to drinking 1,500 bottles of red wine.

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