AARP president offers advice to seniors

Recently, AARP President Jennie Chin Hansen offered advice to senior citizens that included organizing prescribed medication and taking advantage of new technology to improve home and car safety.

The president provided her advice in an issue of USAWeekend, which is part of the daily newspaper USA Today.

According to Hansen, a way to avoid high medical costs is to properly manage one's medications to prevent drug errors and harmful combinations.

"Do what I do and keep a medication record, then talk about it regularly with your doctor or pharmacist," Hansen wrote.

With the issue of senior citizens falling, Hansen wrote about new technology being developed to help astronauts regain their balance on Earth.

AARP president offers advice to seniors It will be a shoe insert that will measure pressure patterns for those with balance problems and collection data for health professionals in an effort to correct the condition.

Another technological endeavor is a windshield being developed by General Motors that employs lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to help objects on the road stand out.

"During foggy conditions, for example, a laser projects a blue line onto the windshield that follows the edge of the road. I look forward to this option becoming available just as we Boomers move into our older years," Hansen wrote.

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