Not out of the digital TV woods yet

For those who went through it, the switch from broadcast television to digital went better than expected, reports.

Though only 421 of the approximately 1,800 full-power television stations made the switch, the call volume to the FCC concerning the matter quickly decreased as a simple problem was dealt with, according to the article. Many of the calls were from consumers who were unaware they should run the scan function on their digital televisions or converter boxes to get reception.

On the day of the transition, a total of 28,315 calls were made.

Not out of the digital TV woods yet The number dropped to 25,320 the following day and continued to precipitously decrease as the week went on.

Two weeks prior to the originally planned transition, the Obama administration and a number of Democrats asked Congress to postpone the date citing multitudes of people were still not ready for the change.

The remaining two-thirds of the nation's television stations will have opportunities to switch to digital on April 16 and June 12. However, Congress also directed the FCC to give broadcasters the flexibility to make the transition early.

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