Probiotics: Good for stomach pains and warding off cancer

Senior citizens who suffer from chronic stomach pains may want to look for food items with probiotics in them for relief and as a possible way to prevent colon cancer.

While the benefits of probiotics on digestive health have been well-reported recently, new research is emerging about the dietary supplement's effect on colon cancer, which occurs in 90 percent of people aged 50 and older.

Dr Tommy Tomizawa's research has found regular probiotic use "may have the ability to alter the body's aging process in a favorable way."

The doctor will be speaking at the upcoming Nutra Conference in March on how probiotics can improve one's immune system and decrease the incidence of geriatric constipation.

For some seniors, probiotics may need to be more of a regular element in their diet.

Probiotics: Good for stomach pains and warding off cancer Past research has shown elderly people have a lower number of friendly bacteria in their intestines than younger adults, making them more prone to gastrointestinal infections and bowel conditions, reports.

Incorporating probiotics may treat the symptoms of these digestive conditions.

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