More seniors staying active at advanced age

The stereotype that senior citizens are slow-moving may be flying out the window with more older men and women remaining active by playing sports and flying airplanes.

Lou Reymond, who is 95, lives in a continuing careretirement community and can be found three days a week on the tennis court or "dancing under the stars," reports.

"There's a whole wide world of living out there - kids need to see the older generation having fun and enjoying life," Reymond told the news provider.

Bill Bottle has certainly taken Reymond's advice.

More seniors staying active at advanced age At the age of 85, the military veteran continues to fly for the Civil Air Patrol where he has completed more than 50 missions and 5,000 hours, according to the article.

Finally there's Betty Rose, who told the website her secret recipe for remaining a youthful 88 years old was tai chi. Rose is the oldest certified female tai chi instructor in South Florida, where she's been practicing the ancient Chinese art for the past decade.

Research has shown seniors who remain active can lower their risk of certain life-threatening conditions, as well as optimize their general health.

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