Beta carotene may prevent cognitive decline

Senior citizen men may want to incorporate beta carotene supplements into their diet or eat more fruits and vegetables.

A new study has found men who take beta carotene supplements for 15 years or longer may have less cognitive decline in their later years.

Cognitive decline can be the precursor in the development of Alzheimer's disease and while there is no cure for the disease, health officials have suggested focusing on prevention.

Beta carotene may prevent cognitive decline

The finding comes from a study examining two groups of men taking 50 milligrams of beta carotene supplements every other day. One was treated for an average of 18 years, while the other was examined for one.

The group who took the nutritional supplement for a longer period of time scored better in thinking, learning and memory tests compared with the one-year group.

Beta carotene is found in various fruits and vegetables. Past research has indicated the antioxidant can improve heart health and reduce high cholesterol.

Seniors who do not like certain fruits and vegetables may want to look into nutritional supplements as an alternative to changing their diet.

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