Arkansas legislation to address Alzheimer's care

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed HB 1014 today which calls for the formation of a 17-member task force to investigate the impending challenges of Alzheimer's disease in the state, reports.

The bill had passed the state's House of Representatives and Senate with a unanimous vote before being sent to Beebe's desk, according to the article.

Arkansas legislation to address Alzheimer's care Marisha DiCarli, assistant director of the Alzheimer's Association, was present for the signing.

"We are excited to take a huge step in battling this escalating epidemic in Arkansas by bringing to the table a diverse group that can assess the needs of those suffering from this disease and their families," DiCarlo told the news provider.

Last year, Arkansas caregivers provided more than 95 million hours of unpaid Alzheimer's care for loved ones. There are approximately 100,000 residents in the state who suffer from the debilitating disease and it is expected to increase in the near future as the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age.

Representative Dawn Creekmore, who worked on the legislation, told the website the task force will evaluate the future of the disease in the state and formulate a plan to address potential needs.

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