Pharmaceutical company recalls nutritional supplement

Seniors who regularly take prescription pills may have a new reason to avoid KV Pharmaceutical due to another drug recall.

KV Pharmaceutical has issued its fourth product recall in approximately three months because its iron supplements were reportedly made under unsatisfactory conditions. It has also reportedly stopped production of all its drugs and may be involved in a criminal investigation, reports.

Because of the report, the company voluntarily pulled dozens of the supplements, which includes products made by its Ther-Rx and Ethex divisions.

The company also extended a separate recall of five drugs made by Ethex, which were initially recalled last week at the wholesale level because of manufacturing problems, according to the article.

Last year KV issued product recalls on November 7th, citing oversized pills.

Pharmaceutical company recalls nutritional supplement On January 26th of this year, the company issued another recall on most of its products and stopped manufacturing and shipping operations.

The Post-Dispatch in St Louis reported the company is cooperating with an investigation by the FDA. The news provider has also heard unconfirmed reports about impending layoffs at the pharmaceutical company.

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