Mediterranean diet may help seniors reduce Alzheimer's risk

Senior citizens with a penchant for fish and vegetables may be able to eat more of their favorite meals.

A new study has found people who eat a regular Mediterranean diet may lessen the risk of developing cognitive impairment, which can lead to Alzheimer's disease.

The diet is classified as being rich in fish, vegetables, fruits and unsaturated fatty acids.

Mediterranean diet may help seniors reduce Alzheimer's risk It also calls for low intakes of dairy products and meat.

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study that had participants complete a food frequency questionnaire between 1992 and 1999.

Once the research was completed, it was found participants who adhered to the diet and who had no sign of cognitive impairment at the beginning of the study showed a 28 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer's. For participants who had mild signs of impairment at the onset of the study, the findings were significantly better with a 48 percent reduced risk.

For those who do not like these foods or have specific food allergies, past research has found exercising one's brain can help deter the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

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