Eye care advice for seniors

A newspaper column urges senior citizens to remain vigilant when it comes to their eye care and that there is financial assistance for those having difficultly purchasing eyewear or eye care.

Seniors should feel free to openly discuss with their eye doctor that they may not be able to afford eyeglasses, the New York Times reports. Some optometrists, such as Kerry Beebe from Minnesota, will work with patients f

Eye care advice for seniors or affordable care.

"We try to help them out by steering them toward lower-priced frames, and bundling all their care into the fewest amount of visits," Beebe told the news provider.

Seniors looking for a new pair of glasses may want to look into LensCrafters, which offers a 30 percent discount to members of AAA and AARP.

However, for those who have been significantly impacted by the flailing economy, the Times suggested a couple of organizations that provide financial aid for eye care.

The Vision USA program provides eye care to uninsured low-income families and Mission Cataract USA provides free cataract surgery to people who cannot afford the procedure.

For people age 55 and older, it is recommended they receive an eye exam every one to three years.

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