Survey: seniors optimistic about Obama

Despite the majority of senior citizens casting a vote for Senator John McCain, a new poll appears to reveal that many have turned the corner and may have faith in President Barack Obama.

The survey was administered by a home care company catering to seniors and found 63 percent of respondents said they were happy with Obama as president.

Survey: seniors optimistic about Obama However, those same respondents gave the president's economic stimulus plan mixed reviews.

A day after the results of this survey were released, Obama gave his first national video address (hosted on Youtube) and laid out various details of his upcoming stimulus plan.

Though he touched upon job creation and an increase in unemployment benefits, the president also stated he planned an adjustment to the Medicaid formula to protect approximately 20 million Americans whose coverage may be at risk due to state budget shortfalls. One of the fastest growing aspects of the plan is its nursing home coverage.

Seniors also said in the survey they were concerned about the future of the country's economy with 69 percent saying finances were their greatest fear in 2009.

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