Lower cholesterol through food combinations

Senior citizens who are tired of taking statin pills to lower their cholesterol may have new hope in a diet that promises the same effect through food.

The diet has been dubbed the Portfolio Diet and was developed by Dr David Jenkins from the University of Toronto, AssocaitedContent.com reports. The diet consists of taking foods that have been known to lower cholesterol naturally and combining them into meals.

Jenkins, who conducted studies of the diet at the University of Toronto, said the LDL cholesterol-lowering effects from the diet are comparable to what people get from taking medication, according to the web site.

In his research, a third of the participants experienced a 20 percent decrease in cholesterol levels, Emaxhealth.com reports.

Lower cholesterol through food combinations Jenkins said people who didn't experience a reduction in levels did not follow the diet as strictly as others.

Those on the diet can have a breakfast of soy milk with oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds, according to the article. Lunch can include soy lunchmeats (soy must replace meats) with oat bran bread and bean soup. And for dinner, seniors can enjoy stir fry with vegetables, tofu, fruits and almonds.

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