Stricter warning issued for blood-thinning drug Innohep

A drug manufacturer has released a more detailed warning directed at elderly patients who take the prescribed drug Innohep.

The warning expands on findings from a study conducted last year and states the drug may not be safe for patients suffering from renal insufficiency. A previous warning, issued last summer, stated Innohep may not be safe for anyone over the age of 90.

Celgene, the company that makes the drug, issued the warning on December 31st after the FDA found more evidence of an increased risk of death in elderly patients.

Stricter warning issued for blood-thinning drug Innohep

Last year, the FDA received at least 383 reports worldwide of negative side effects from people taking Innohep, as well as 96 reported deaths related to the medication.

The initial study was conducted in February and found that after three months, 13 percent of the 176 participants had died after taking the drug, reports.

Senior citizens who depend on Innohep may want to consult with their doctor about alternative treatments for their condition. It's been reported that some natural supplements, as well as certain foods, may help treat blood clots.

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