Healthy lifestyle protects memory

Keeping regular blood flow to the brain through exercise and healthy eating may protect against memory loss, as well as deter Alzheimer's disease.

While a healthy lifestyle was always important for senior citizens to achieve optimal health, doctors are now saying there is a connection between a healthy heart and a functioning brain, reports.

A stroke, high blood pressure or clogged arteries are all conditions that can affect a person's blood flow to the brain, which can cause vascular dementia.

"Upward of 50 percent of people who have dementia, including many people with Alzheimer's disease, have some level of these problems going on.

Healthy lifestyle protects memory There's increasing evidence that Alzheimer's disease often exists along with vascular dementia, especially in people over age 75," Dr Kenneth Langa, a dementia expert at the University of Michigan, told the news provider.

Vascular dementia is caused by poor blood flow to the brain and may be prevented by regular blood pressure checks, as well as eating well, engaging in physical activity and quitting smoking.

Also, red wine and some vegetables have natural nutrients that may help deter dementia.

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