Seniors urged to be wary of a telephone scam

A western Massachusetts city has issued a warning to senior residents about a telephone scam that is specifically targeting them.

The scam is taking advantage of the beginning of the tax season and involves a man calling on the phone who claims to work with the city of Chicopee, reports. The man reportedly offers to help the senior residents with their taxes.

Chicopee Mayor Michael D Bissonnette told the news provider the city has not hired anyone to assist senior citizens with their taxes.

"We're trying to get the word out.

Seniors urged to be wary of a telephone scam There's no question it is an unscrupulous person," said the mayor. "Don't let anybody into your home you don't know. Don't give personal financial information out over the phone."

With the tax deadline scheduled for April 15th, the mayor's advice is good for any senior residing in an independent living facility or in their own home.

Recently home security company ADT released a list of home safety tips specifically for senior citizens that warned them about telemarketers asking for personal information to verify prizes and door-to-door salesmen trying to rush you into signing an insurance policy.

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