Home safety tips for seniors

An electronic security service company has released a list of home safety tips for senior citizens who reside in independent living facilities.

The advice comes from ADT Security Services and is aimed at protecting seniors from property crime and personal theft.

Despite senior citizens not being a frequent target of criminals, when they are targeted, it will most likely be near or in their homes, according to the U.S.

Home safety tips for seniors Department of Justice.

Seniors are advised not to leave spare keys under a doormat, in the mailbox or in a planter, since these are the first places a burglar will look, according to ADT. Instead, leave the keys with a trusted neighbor.

ADT also warns about various scams targeting the elderly and urge seniors not to give out their credit card, Social Security or personal data over the phone to "verify" a prize. Some seniors have reported a phone scam asking them to send money to someone posing as their grandchild.

Finally, ask for ID from delivery or service personnel at the door and check their company if there are doubts, states the ADT.

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