Senior citizens can now apply for Social Security online

A new internet application will allow senior citizens to apply for retirement benefits in approximately the same time it takes for a brisk afternoon walk.

The Social Security Administration is bracing for the upcoming 80 million baby boomers that will be hitting retirement age with the new service that will cut down the benefit application time from 45 minutes to 15.

"We just don't have the infrastructure to handle that workload in the traditional fashion," said Social Security Commissioner Michael J Astrue.

Senior citizens can now apply for Social Security online

The agency is apparently changing its electronic services to meet the needs of the new generation of retirees, some of whom have greater computer skills than past Social Security recipients.

In an effort to raise awareness about the change, Academy Award-winning actress Patty Duke will lead the Retire Online publicity campaign for the program, which will feature four public service ads that will run on radio and television.

"My husband demonstrated to me how to do it, and I was able to do it with my limited [computer] skills. It was very user-friendly," said Duke.

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