Therapy dog assists at hospice

Of all the services available to the hospice residents at a North Carolina facility, the one that gets the most attention comes with four legs, white fur and unassuming eyes.

His name is Wolfy, a husky and malamute mix, and initially came to the Greatrex Okace of Four Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care with his owner who suffered from Parkinson's disease, reports.

Therapy dog assists at hospice The man eventually passed on.

Mark Neville, the music therapy coordinator at the facility, adopted the dog and continues to bring Wolfy in each day to meet with the residents.

"Two promises I was asked to make was: One, he was able to continue to visit other patients; and two, the patient's son was able to visit (Wolfy). While I'm the primary caregiver, (Wolfy) belongs to more than me," Neville told the news provider.

Wolfy, who was trained as a therapy dog, has had a positive effect on the staff members and residents at the hospice, according to the article. Neville said past studies have shown therapy animals have a definite calming effect and may lower blood pressure, elevate mood and facilitate life discussion.

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