High blood sugar may affect memory

Good blood sugar control may not only assist diabetics with living a healthy life, but it also may help senior citizens avoid memory problems.

A new study has found blood sugar levels may affect a person's memory, which may explain normal age-related cognitive decline since internal blood sugar regulation lessens with age, the New York Times reports.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center conducted experiments on mice and monkeys and found a connection between "the glucose spikes and the reduced blood volume," according to the article.

Dr Scott Small, lead investigator in the study, said the new finding was "compelling" for senior citizens, as well as people living with type 2 diabetes, states the Times.

"We need to think about their ultimate risks not only for cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders, but also about their cognitive skills, and whether they will be able to keep up with the demands of education and a fast-paced complex society," Small told the news provider.

High blood sugar may affect memory

Small suggests senior citizens who want to improve their blood sugar regulation engage in more physical activity.

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