Whole food nutrition may be best for vitamins

Senior citizens interested in the disease-preventing elements of vitamins may want to turn their attention to employing a healthy diet, due to recent reports that supplements did nothing to prevent conditions such as cancer.

Toward the end of 2008, it was widely reported that new studies determined the vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene, did nothing to prevent cancer in women or men.

Both studies were said to be "the most thorough, long-term and definitive studies of their kind," TheDailyGreen.com reports.

Whole food nutrition may be best for vitamins However, incorporating a healthy diet to one's life may be more beneficial than the vitamin supplements.

In some cases, replacing foods with other items, such as using olive oil instead of butter and margarine, may make a difference, BasilandSpice.com reports.

Also, drinking green tea daily can reduce the risk of diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones and heart disease, according to the website. Seniors living with high cholesterol can stock their home with fresh fruits, oats, beans and cinnamon, all of which have been shown to naturally lower cholesterol.

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