More stress increases risk of stroke

Senior citizens who experience a lot of stress in their life may increase their risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke due to certain behavioral choices, according to a new study.

Dr Robert A Wascher talked about the relationship between psychological stress and heart disease in a column that appeared recently in In it, the doctor referenced a study that showed 65 percent of the cardiovascular event experienced by patients were due to behavioral choices such as smoking more cigarettes or a reduction in physical activity.

Approximately 6,576 people took part in the study and were monitored for seven years, according to the article.

More stress increases risk of stroke While there was always a connection between heart disease and stress, the study found the risk may have increased with the ways people coped with the stress: smoking, not eating well, not getting enough exercise.

Washcer said the findings suggest the majority of stress-related cardiovascular disease can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not adhering to unhealthy activities such as smoking.

Given the current recession and increasing healthcare costs, seniors may be experiencing more stress than usual. Past studies have shown taking a walk or listening to music may quickly reduce stress.

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