Center gives seniors social outlet

A Minnesotan community center is making sure its senior citizens are staying healthy by checking their blood pressure in between games of pool.

The Adult Day Service at the Carver Community Organization located in Chaska has been giving seniors a place to socialize and peace of mind for family members for more than 25 years.

Alice Crown, 63, said she was always concerned when she left her 88-year-old husband David alone at their house, the Courier Press reports.

Center gives seniors social outlet A couple of times she found her kitchen filled with smoke.

Now, David spends his day at the community center where nurses check his blood sugar, monitor his diet and make sure he takes his medication, according to the article.

Lucille Stewart, a registered nurse, told the news provider the center gives the seniors a place to go where their minds and bodies can be stimulated.

"Most of all, we just give them a lot of love," said Stewart.

Families who have brought their retired loved ones to the center have noticed a marked improvement in the seniors' mental state afterwards, stated the article.

Past studies have shown senior citizens who are lonely can often times develop depression. Social interactions may help deter the condition.

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