Seniors embracing natural supplements

Perhaps in an effort to save money in a recession, more seniors are turning to natural sleeping aids and have increased sales of the over-the-country drugs.

According to a recent study, sales of natural sleeping aids increased from $533 million last year to $604 million this year.

The increase may be an effort among senior citizens to find ways to cut down on healthcare costs, especially with the recession driving prices of prescribed medicine and operations up.

Women, especially members of the Baby Boomer generation who are reaching retirement age, have also been tied to the sales increase.

Seniors embracing natural supplements Women are twice as likely to develop sleep disorders as men, according to Also as women age, they may also be more susceptible to sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and insomnia.

Administering a natural sleeping aid may assist with those conditions, as well as provide health benefits to senior citizens.

Older people who do not get a good night's sleep may develop bodily pain, excess weight and experience difficulty in walking. It can also interfere with a senior's ability to cope with a chronic medical condition.

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