Computer program brings healthcare to seniors

A Barchester Healthcare nursing home has incorporated new technology that will give residents some much-needed healthcare and medical advice all from the comfort of a computer.

Telehealth, which has undergone recent tests in other communities in Britain, is now at Woodside House Care Home, one of the first skilled nursing facilities to have the innovative equipment, reports.

Approximately 26 residents have successfully used it, allowing Telehealth to expand to other areas that will include a specialised community of people living with dementia, according to the website.

Telehealth allows doctors to communicate with their patients through a computer with a live link.

Computer program brings healthcare to seniors The device also stores the patient's medical information, which can allow doctors to respond later for conditions that are not life threatening.

"The system is particularly useful for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or severe respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can lead to health crises and hospital if they are now properly managed," Ruth Nobbs, NHS Norfolk's Telehealth project lead, told the news provider.

Prior to bringing Telehealth into care facilities, the device was first tested out in various private homes in the UK.

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