This holiday season go for the nuts at parties

Senior citizens who suffer from chronic inflammation may benefit from extra doses of vitamin E this holiday season to possibly ease the pain from the condition.

Through experiments with mice, researchers at the University of Illinois found that some properties of the vitamin reduced the effect of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This means it could lead to less pain from chronic inflammation if used on humans.

Professor Kimberly Huey, one of the researchers, said more research is needed to see if the findings can translate to people.

"Vitamin E is a supplement that is already approved, and these results may suggest an additional benefit of taking vitamin E beyond what's already been shown," said Huey.

This holiday season go for the nuts at parties The professor added that the treatment has the potential to increase the quality of life for chronic inflammation sufferers.

However those patients don't have to wait for more research as vitamin E is available in natural health stores. Those who aren't comfortable with taking natural drug supplement pills can turn to natural foods rich in vitamin E such as nuts, spinach and milk.

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