Grief recovery advice for the holidays

A hospice provider has released advice for people who may be grieving over the death of a loved one this year.

Laura Wagner, CEO of In-House Hospice, said it was normal for people to relive their loss, especially during the holiday season.

"Grief is an ongoing process that becomes easier with time, but it does not disappear entirely.

Grief recovery advice for the holidays The loved one will always be missed," said Wagner.

To ease the pain people may be feeling at this time, Wagner suggests paying tribute to their loved one either by volunteering or attending a memorial ceremony.

She also urges people to talk with friends and relatives about their emotions. People should avoid isolating themselves, both physically and emotionally.

Finally, Wagner suggests avoiding holiday expectations and to participate in events that have meaning for your family.

"The most important thing to remember is that sadness and pain are unavoidable and normal during this time of the year," said Wagner.

Seniors and family members may also want to investigate their local grief recovery support group, which can provide a community who may be going through a similar situation.

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