New approach personalises end-of-life care

North Yorkshire patients will enjoy a new end-of-life strategy that will bring more of a personalised focus on palliative care.

Through a multi-organisation agreement, the new strategy will deliver end-of-life care directly to the patient, instead of restricting them to certain facilities.

The agreement resulted from the North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust joining with the North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and other local organisations.

Christine Ward, a nurse consultant in adult palliative care, said in the past patients were admitted into hospitals or care homes for the last days or weeks of their life, the Ripon Gazette reports.

"Working together, in partnership with other health and social care organisations, will ensure we can streamline resources to provide the very best standard of care while giving the patient real options for where they spend the last weeks or months of their life," Ward told the Gazette.

Approximately 19 percent of the deaths in North Yorkshire occur in the patient's home, according to the article.

New approach personalises end-of-life care More than 50 percent occur at the hospital.

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