Hospice nurse saves patients amidst Sylmar fire

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, some California hospice patients may be extra grateful to have a certain nurse around.

As the Sylmar fire engulfed hundreds of homes in Orange County earlier this month, hospice nurse Michele Fauquier was risking her life to save patients from the Oakridge Mobile Home Park, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Fauquier, according to the article, got in her car and headed toward at the park.

Hospice nurse saves patients amidst Sylmar fire She first saved a 57-year-old woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis by helping her out of her home.

Then the nurse went directly to the home of an 80-year-old woman who suffers from dementia who Fauquier knew slept through the previous evacuation alarm, the Times reports. She saved the woman, her two roommates and a pet bird.

Prior to her heroics, Fauquier was stopped by police who told her to leave the area. She refused.

When the dedicated hospice nurse finally returned to her own apartment, she found it was one of the 600 destroyed by the fire, stated the article. She soon returned to the Roze Room Hospice of the Valley to care for her patients.

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