Knee replacement surgery can lead to more physical life

A new study has found that total knee replacement surgery not only yields a relief of pain for patients, but actually affords them a more physical life.

Researchers from Duke University found that people who had the surgery reported improvement in their ability to bath themselves, do heavy housework and even lift 10 pounds, Reuters reports.

The study examined 259 adults with knee arthritis who had the surgery and compared it with 1,816 with knee arthritis who didn't have the surgery.

Knee replacement surgery can lead to more physical life

The results showed a sizable difference in favor of the people who had the procedure. Those who didn't get the surgery experienced a decline in physical functioning, according to the article.

Osteoarthritis (OA), a form of knee arthritis, occurs when the joint cartilage slowly begins to wear away. Once this happens, the condition causes pain, swelling and reduced motion of the joints.

Those who may not be able to afford total knee replacement surgery can counter the effects of OA through regular exercise, weight loss and the use of cane to relieve stress on the knee.

OA is the most common form of arthritis in the UK.

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