Big donation for diabetes research

A Canadian drug maker has donated $500,000 toward diabetes research in an effort to prepare for the increasing number of people who will likely develop the disease in the future.

The donation from Pfizer Canada will benefit the National Diabetes Management Strategy (NDMS) and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Dr Stewart Harris is the lead investigator at NDMS whose recent research indicated that half of the Canadians with diabetes were not managing their disease properly.

Big donation for diabetes research

It is estimated there are more than 171 million people worldwide who suffer from diabetes. The World Health Organization expects the figure to increase to 366 million by 2030.

"This contribution from Pfizer recognizes the importance of investing in research to meet the challenges these increases will present," said Dr Harris.

While it is important to monitor one's blood glucose level, there are a number of small things people can do to reduce complications with the disease.

These include eating meals and snacks around the same time each day; checking feet for cuts, blisters, sores, swelling or redness regularly; a daily brush and floss of the teeth; and not smoking.

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