Dame Judi Dench says she's more than just'M'

Dame Judi Dench says she's more than just 'M'

This Friday (November 14th) Dame Judi Dench returns to the silver screen with the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, to reprise her role as the secret agent's boss known only as 'M.'

Quantum is a sequel to 2006's Casino Royale, which was hailed as a reboot for the James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig in the lead role exploring the start of 007's career.

Dame Judi Dench says she's more than just 'M'

The movie's $150 million success in the U.S. made the 73-year-old actress recognizable to a more of the population, both young and old, which she hopes will draw more people to live theatre.

"My job is to woo people to the theatre because people go to movies anyway. I just love a theatre audience and if they see you in Bond, then they might be persuaded to come and see something else," said Dame Judi in an interview with the website MI6.

In an early review, Fox News said the new film is full of explosions, but ranks "far below the usual standards" of Bond films. Dame Judi was praised for providing "the usual sanity and the only quips."

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