Slow and steady wins the race

Car owners who drive their vehicles at a careful and steady pace are more likely to cut down on their petrol bills, which older people in the UK who are concerned about motor-related finances may be keen to hear.

Tim Anderson, smarter driving expert from the Energy Saving Trust and speaking on behalf of the ACT ON CO2 campaign, said that giving a car a good spring clean by removing all excess weight from the boot was another way of reducing its energy consumption.

Slow and steady wins the race

"[Good motoring tips] include changing gear at a certain time, driving in the speed limit, nice and steady driving, keeping your car tyres pumped up," he added.

Such techniques could allow car owners to save money on petrol without the expense of upgrading to a hybrid motor.

Mr Anderson also noted that nearly 70 per cent of drivers were keen to get their vehicles cleaned out in order to save money on their fuel purchases.

Research conducted by the British School of Motoring and the Energy Saving Trust found that motorists across the UK could cut their fuel costs by almost £6 billion, whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 10.3 million tonnes annually, by practicing eco-safe driving.

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