Author calls for Alzheimer's funding

The author Terry Pratchett has urged the government to provide increased funding into the research of Alzheimer's disease, it has been noted.

According to the Associated Press, the writer - himself a sufferer of the condition - warned that the UK is in danger of experiencing a "tsunami" of dementia patients.

Author calls for Alzheimer's funding

In news that may be of interest to those seeking Alzheimer's care, Mr Pratchett made his comments in front of the Conservative party conference and claimed that there would be over one million individuals afflicted by the condition by 2050.

While he explained that for him the disease came early, he added that he was just "a little wave" ahead of the baby-boomer generation which is now set to enter elderly age.

The author of the Discworld series went on to state that issues surrounding the condition were still "stuck in a medieval fog of superstition, misunderstanding and silence".

"I want this disease to be dragged into the light and stay there and seen for what it is - a random disease and no cause for shame," Mr Pratchett urged.

Meanwhile, former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips said she quit the show as she was afraid she may only have ten years left before developing Alzheimer's, which both her parents suffered from.

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