US candidates urged to focus on care

Candidates in the ongoing US presidential campaign have been urged to remember long-term care when it comes to their discussions on reforming the current healthcare system.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (TNAHSA) has noted that 220 million Americans are uninsured when it comes to long-term care.

According to Market Watch, TNAHSA was involved in the passing of the Long-Term Care Community Choices Act of 2008.

US candidates urged to focus on care The act will offer alternatives to seniors in the area, including personal care services and assisted living.

President of the firm Larry Minnix said it was a "major achievement" that both John McCain and Barack Obama had recognized the need for long-term care to be included in health reforms.

He added that his group consistently voiced its opinion that the two services were "inextricably intertwined".

Meanwhile, TNAHSA president and chief executive officer Carrie Ermshar noted: "The lack of coverage for long-term care can be just as catastrophic for families as the lack of general health insurance."

Elsewhere, in news that may be of interest to seniors seeking skilled nursing care in western North Carolina, Kay Hagan, the Democratic candidate for US Senate, praised the Autumn Care of Saluda facility on a recent visit.

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