Internet'aids independent living'

Independent living for older people may be achievable for longer thanks to the internet, it has been claimed.

Helen Milner, managing director of UK online centres, said internet resources helped such individuals find out about healthy eating or locate a dentist or GP, while all the information was available at their fingertips.

Internet 'aids independent living'

She added that it also helped people to socialise - an important aspect of health and wellbeing.

"People that have hobbies that they have abandoned or cannot do anymore physically can find other people that are interested in the same areas … It keeps you engaged, it connects people to other people," Ms Milner explained.

When it came to independent living, Ms Milner concluded that the internet helped by offering services such as having groceries delivered to the door or organising pensions.

New research carried out by Alliance & Leicester Current Accounts found that nearly three-fifths (58 per cent) of over-50s use the internet to manage their finances.

Meanwhile, 41 per cent booked their holidays online and 18 per cent regularly log onto social networking websites such as Facebook and Friends Reunited.

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