Cell phone popularity increases among seniors

The use of cell phones among seniors in the US is rising in popularity, it has been noted.

In news that may be of interest to those who enjoy sociable and active living, the older generation are now more on the go than ever before, citizen.com reports.

According to a study by iGR, more than 50 per cent of US seniors have a cell phone, with many admitting that they use them to keep in touch with friends and relatives and also sending picture messages.

Cell phone popularity increases among seniors

One such example is Linwood Wells, 70 and wife Dianna from Gilford, New Hampshire. He brought a phone after his sister-in-law, the district manager at the Tilton US Cellular store recommended he and Mrs Wells buy the device.

Now they carry it with them wherever they go in case of an emergency and also because it is convenient.

Mrs Wells also pointed out that she found it useful as if her landline was in use people would still be able to contact her.

"I used to give other people the devil for walking around stores talking on their cell phones; but not anymore," said Mr Wells.

Meanwhile, residents at three senior-care centers in Clermont, Florida recently enjoyed a visit from some professional karaoke singers, Orlando Sentinel reports.

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