Seniors step up to the ballot box

US seniors were quick to get to their nearest polling station in order to vote in the US presidential elections yesterday (November 4th), which saw Democratic candidate Barack Obama becoming the next American leader.

According to the Mercury News, Norm Peters - who recently celebrated his 103rd birthday at the Water's Edge skilled nursing care center in Alameda - has been casting his vote in every election since Herbert Hoover became the 31st president in 1929.

Seniors step up to the ballot box

Mr Peters remembers Americans being told to economize at that time and he noted that perhaps the US "could use a little of that today".

However, he adds that life in the new millennium and even campaign strategies have not changed much from the old days.

"People think [campaigns] are negative, but it's the same routine ... They borrow from the past to create the present," he stated.

While Mr Peters cast his vote in favour of John McCain, he did attest that he had concerns that the Republican candidate was "too old".

Meanwhile, according to a special edition of the Transamerica Retirement Survey, US seniors are now looking to the next administration amid increasing concerns that they will be unable to retire comfortable.

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