Long term care is key in election

Seniors in the US have agreed that long term care and funding will be a key factor when it comes to them deciding which presidential candidate to vote for at the election next month.

According to a survey sponsored by Genworth Financial, 84 percent of the baby boomer generation feel that these are the most important issues Barack Obama and John McCain need to address.

Long term care is key in election

However, these factors were found to be more important to women, with 88 percent of them in agreement compared to 79 percent of men, the International Business Times reports.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, although 70 percent of seniors aged over 65 will have to pay for some form of long term care services, only eight million have so far purchased insurance to cover these costs.

It is estimated that 76 million of this age group will potentially need this protection at some point.

Buck Stinson, president of Genworth Financial's long term care insurance business, said: "Given the uncertain nature of the current economic climate, future financial security is of paramount importance to this generation."

Alan Rosenbloom, president of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, has said that both candidates only offer "vague outlines" for their long term care policies.

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