Seniors'in better health after flu shot'

Seniors who receive a regular flu shot have been found to be better at taking care of their general health, it has been revealed.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking long term care for themselves or a family member, a study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine examined pneumonia patients who were aged 65 or over and admitted to hospital during a non-flu season.

Seniors 'in better health after flu shot'

According to the Edmonton Sun, those who had received a flu shot were found to be less at risk of becoming ill in the first place and one researcher explained that this meant it was a "misinterpretation" to surmise that this meant the inoculations were not needed.

Tom Marrie, dean of the University of Alberta's medical school, said that it was the older people who were most at risk of dying from complications caused by the virus were the least likely to be vaccinated.

"More needs to be done to reach those people," he added.

Meanwhile, the University of Dundee's Institute of Cardiovascular Research has found that diabetes patients who take aspirin are not at a lesser risk of suffering a heart attack, Eurekalert notes.

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